We started this question on our App and Facebook page going into the weekend as a fun way to show some love for the Centennial State. Can you describe Colorado to someone using just five words? We want to put you in our gallery below.

You can use the names of Colorado mountains, towns, landmarks, and even our favorite slang. Catch the link in the gallery below to add your five words.

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Describe Colorado or Grand Junction Using 5 Words

You could use all Colorado terms like Uncompahgre, Tabeguache, Dominguez-Escalante, Ouray, and Ute. But if we are trying to describe our state to someone who has never been here, we might want to try words others can understand (and pronounce).

Our friend Judy went a different route with "You'll Need Lots of Money". See what she did there? 100% accurate and easily understood.

It's Easy to Find a Colorado Theme

Popular answers so far focus on describing our mountains and forests. Scenery and altitude come up almost as often as those who used the five words to discourage tourism. Describing flesh-eating insects may yet prove effective.

You could name five wildflowers, five rivers, five 14ers, five mountain ranges, five breweries, five distilleries, or five mountain passes.

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Describe Colorado to Someone Who Has Never Visited Using Only 5 Words

Can you describe Colorado using only five words? We're trying to find five words we could use to describe Colorado to someone who has never seen it. What five words would you use? Check out the top answers below and send us your five words with the app chat on our station app.

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