Spring hikes are calling, and while the snow melts in April you could be putting together a list of must-do hikes around Western Colorado. How about a hike for any skill level that includes a spectacular waterfall?

Colorado's Cascade Falls in Ouray is the perfect hike if you're looking for mountain views and waterfalls, but don't want to spend all day on the trail. Multiple routes under a mile make this an easy waterfall to capture.

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Hiking in Ouray, Colorado

Hiking in Ouray, Colorado
TSM GJ W Adams

The Perimeter Trail around Ouray, Colorado is one of Western Colorado's prettiest hikes with views of the San Juan Mountains. One of this trial's many payoffs includes a close-up view of Cascade Falls and Ouray's Box Canyon.

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The month of May is a great time to add Perimeter Trail to your hiking list. The trail is usually clear of snow and ice, and the cooler temps feel great as you work around the 5.6-mile loop.

Hey, You Said This Hike Was Short

Hiking in Ouray, Colorado
TSM GJ W Adams

Let me get to that part. The entire route around Ouray is worth the trip, the hike to Cascade Falls is pretty short. The falls are the first stop along the Perimeter Trail route. The hike is .6 miles with just under 500 feet of elevation gain to reach the falls. It's easy to see Cascade Falls from the top and the bottom of this trail. You'll even get close enough to cool off in the mist. Take it slow, enjoy the view, and take time to catch your breath when you need to.

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The Alternate Route to Cascade Falls

HIking in Ouray, Colorado
TSM GJ W Adams

Wouldn't it be great if you could drive to a parking lot right next to the falls and see them without breaking a sweat? You can! Look for the Lower Cascade Falls Trail parking area. You'll only have to walk .3 miles to the base of the falls.

Colorado Hiking: Ouray's Amazing Perimeter Trail

To finish the six-mile loop around Ouray, Colorado on the Perimeter Trail is one of the best ways to experience hiking in Western Colorado. Scroll on to see some of our favorite views as we hiked the loop over the weekend.

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