In 2023, Grand Junction's first 99-degree day showed up on the 4th of July. The first triple-digit day in Mesa County last year happened on July 11th. It's safe to say it's gonna be a scorching hot summer again this year.

What are some great ways to cool off around Grand Junction? Swimming in the Lincoln Park pool helps cool you down. So does heading up to the cool mountain lakes on the Grand Mesa. One thing that always helps is old-fashioned ice cream.

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Western Colorado's Favorite Summer Treat

Palisade Peaches grown right here in Mesa County are a favorite worldwide. Have you ever used them to make a batch of peach ice cream? Some of the orchards in Palisade offer freshly made peach ice cream during the summer months, and one of Grand Junction's favorite ice cream shops even features peach ice cream during the hottest parts of summer. Well, we're here.

Who Has the Best Peach Ice Cream in Western Colorado?

The number one answer to this question has been the great people at McLean Farms in Palisade. They are located on Elberta Avenue in Palisade, Colorado.

Who Makes Your Favorite Peach Ice Cream?

I would welcome a peach ice cream headache on a 107-degree day. Could we finish a giant peach ice cream cone like the one in the photo before it melts all over ya? Open our station app and tell us who has your favorite peach ice cream.

See who the audience has selected to include in the five best places for peach ice cream in the Grand Valley by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

5 Places Serving the Best Peach Ice Cream in Western Colorado

Summer temperatures are in the triple digits in Grand Junction, and Coloradans are looking for ways to beat the heat. How about a giant scoop of Colorado peach ice cream?
You told us about five great locations on the Western Slope for peach ice cream. Keep going to find out where they are.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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