The Airbnb selection on Colorado's Western Slope continues to increase. Each year we see a few more homes in Grand Junction with cool features available to rent by the weekend or week.

Colorado Airbnbs are great for when the whole family comes to town or when friends come to visit. It's not easy to find Airbnb rentals that can accommodate more than 15 guests at a time. Keep reading to check out this king-sized rental available near the Colorado National Monument.

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Room For 16+ Guests

Some of Western Colorado's coolest Airbnbs are near the Colorado National Monument. There are also several on the Grand Mesa. Most of them have room for four to six guests. What if you needed a rental with accommodations for ten guests or more? You'll want to bookmark this rental for a rainy day. It has three king-sized beds and room for at least 16 people.

Poolside Views

This king-sized Airbnb includes a backyard inground pool and a full-size Gazebo that offers shade from the sun. The views from this rental include the Colorado National Monument, Redlands Mesa Golf Course, and the Lunch Loops.

Bring Your Mountain Bikes

If you plan on spending a weekend enjoying Grand Junction, this property is the perfect basecamp for riding mountain bikes through the Lunch Loops and nearby trails. Find bike racks in the garage at this Airbnb, so you won't have to worry about leaving them outside overnight.

Keep going to take a look at this rental from Airbnb and find out how to make your reservation.

Grand Junction, Colorado King Size Airbnb Has Room for 16 Guests

Need an Airbnb in Grand Junction that can handle 15 guests? This is it. Poolside views of the Colorado National Monument are just minutes from town. It's the perfect basecamp for enjoying the Grand Valley.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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