Some of America's best athletes are headed to Paris this month for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Fifteen of them have roots here in Colorado.

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The 2024 Olympic Games will be the largest event ever organized in the history of France. From track and field stars to competitive climbers, keep reading for a closer look at the Coloradans who will go for the gold in 2024.

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15 Colorado Athletes Competing in Paris

Olympic athletes with ties to Colorado include six track and field stars, two competitive climbers, two volleyball players, and one competitor each will in rowing, swimming, and a triathlon. Get to know each of Colorado's athletes in the gallery below.

Colorado's Paralympians

Colorado is proud to have two Paralympians headed to France in 2024, with Elizabeth Marks competing in Paralympic swimming and Josh O'Neill who will compete in wheelchair rugby.

New/Newish Sports

Will you be watching the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games? The country of France is 8 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time, but fans of the Olympics are used to seeing networks playback taped events for years now.  in 2024, the games will be hosted by NBC and Peacock.

To spike interest and add to the overall appeal of the games, new/newish sports have been added to the lineup in France. These events include breakdancing, surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing.

See The List of Colorado's 2024 Olympic Athletes Competing in Paris

Learn more about the fifteen Olympians competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics with roots in Centennial State. Keep reading to see which American Olympians are from Colorado and which sports they will compete in for gold and glory.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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