When Colorado's only Buc-ee's opened up in mid-March, the line off of the highway and parking a mile away was enough to scare anyone off. Now that it's been nearly two months, Are the crowds dying down? Pix below...

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Is Buc-ee's In Johnstown, Colorado Still Crazy Packed?

From the moment they announced it, the hype for Buc-ee's to open its very first location in Colorado had the entire state buzzing with excitement. Even folks in surrounding states were fired up for this new Colorado addition.

Most Buc-ee's fanatics went and saw the popular convenience store on opening day, and it was crazy packed. I remember going on the very first night it was open and having to circle the parking lots to find a spot.

When I finally found one, (that was not a gas pump by the way, don't be that person LOL) I couldn't wait to set foot inside a world-famous Buc-ee's for the very first time, and I was not disappointed.

Colorado Buc-ee's Grand Opening Crowds Were Insane

If personal space is something you're into then opening day, even week or month at Buc'ees was not going to be the place for you. You could barely walk around as people happily explored Colorado's very first Buc-ee's location.

Out of curiosity, we went back a week later and the crowd was still crazy. Curiosity got the best of us again and we popped by again as we approached the two-month mark to see how things were looking there, and we were pretty surprised at the outcome.

After Two Months, How Busy Is Colorado's Only Buc-ee's?

Yes, visiting Buc-ee's first Colorado location has been a zoo from the start as folks clearly love this place and all that it brings. After being open for two months now, are the crowds dying off at all?

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

10 'Must-Get' Items at Buc-ee's

Most items on the list won't last long, but a couple you can keep in the cupboard for a substantial amount time; break them out for guest: "Oh, yes, we got this at Buc-ee's, right after they opened. Well, it wasn't RIGHT after they opened, that would have been crazy."

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

11 Things People Aren't Liking About Colorado's Buc-ee's

Like with anything new, people are going to find problems. Let's take a look at what people are not liking about Colorado's Buc-ee's.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen