Traveling from Denver through DIA, can be fun (in its ways,) it can be a hassle, and it can be pricey. Colorado's largest airport made a list of the most expensive ones.

It could be that we've all just become accustomed to "airport" prices. We all know that we're going to be paying more, if only because of "supply and demand:" they have it, we want it. Now.

Even when you budget for a vacation that leaves DIA, you probably add in a certain amount for "getting a bite at the airport." Would you be surprised to find out that travelers at DIA are paying more than nearly any other airport in North America?

DIA Named Among Most Expensive Airports

Travel + Leisure has the story on how a Canada-based gambling site, Casino.Ca recently dug into information regarding how much it would cost a airports across North America when it came to needing:

  • Hotel stay.
  • Parking spot.
  • Pint of beer.
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That research put San Diego International at the top of the list of "most expensive," costing travelers about $575 for those three things. DIA came in at #2 on that list.

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How Expensive Is it at Denver International Airport?

  • Pint of Beer: $7.41 (below the average)
  • Parking spot: $30/night.
  • Hotel Stay: $477.33
  • Total: $514.74

Of course, this data doesn't even factor in the cost of food (that's Canada for you,) so you'd be adding at least another $15 to that $515, if you were a traveler having to stay at DIA.

Who Was the Least Expensive Airport? lists San Jose International as being the least expensive, with the cost of the "three items" coming in at only $105.08.

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