For over 100 years in Colorado, this historic theme park has brought smiles to families for generations, and it kicks off the next season of laughs and thrills this weekend.

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Historic Colorado Theme Park Kicks Off 117th Season This Weekend


Being born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I've had the opportunity to experience many of the fantastic local attractions we have to offer. From water parks to mountain adventures, to yes, theme parks.

We have a few around the state, with the two biggest that we're most known for being located in Denver. Elitch Gardens in Downtown Denver, and Lakeside Amusement Park, which is located off of I-70 on Sheridan Blvd, were always my favorite places to spend summer days as a kid.

Elitches had its opening weekend back in April, and will now be joined by the Denver OG, Lakeside this coming weekend.

Lakeside Officially Opens For The 2024 Season

I always drive by Lakeside on I-70 in the wintertime and get anxious for summer to get here so the gates of Colorado's oldest, and most historic amusement and theme park, can open for the next season. This year's opening date is officially set for this Saturday, May 11th.

The Kiddieland rides begin running on weekends, starting May 11th, by 1 pm, with most of the bigger attractions up and running by 2 pm. Lakeside will be open exclusively on weekends for the rest of May, through Memorial Day Weekend, then will be open most weekdays starting on June 5th. The hours and days are ever-changing it seems to check their website before you go.

Will The Cyclone At Lakeside In Colorado Be Open In 2024?

No official word yet on whether the Cyclone will be back open for the 2024 season after being closed all of last season, but there are rumors that this historic coaster could finally be back in operation this summer. They were testing the coaster at the end of last season, so we're hopeful this coaster icon is back up and running this year.

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