Just in time for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanches playoff runs one of Colorado's favorite wing restaurants is taking watching sports and eating snacks to the next level with all-you-can-eat wings.

All You Can Eat Wings At Colorado Wing Restaurant

Big Rob, Townsquare Media
Big Rob, Townsquare Media

While people enjoy wings for many different occasions because they're one of the best foods ever created, sitting down at a restaurant and plowing down some wings while watching your favorite sporting event just hits differently.

Be it a football game in the fall, or in the springtime watching our Colorado Avalanche or Denver Nuggets go on a nice playoff run, wings are king for any sporting get-together. What if you could get all-you-can-eat wings while watching some of the games?

All You Can Eat Boneless Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Exterior In Jacksonville
Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wings

Known for wings, beer, and sports, Buffalo Wild Wings is getting you in the playoff basketball and hockey spirit with all-you-can-eat boneless wings at all participating locations in Colorado and nationwide.

Starting this week, you can chow down as many boneless wings as you can, including fries, for just $19.99. As of now, the offer is only available on Mondays and Wednesdays, or WINGSDAY as some might call it, but if this goes WILD, no pun intended, it could expand to more days.

With nearly 30 different flavors to choose from for your boneless wings, Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings are hard to beat. They also do a good job of not caking their wings with breading so you actually get juicy pieces of chicken in their boneless wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings has nearly 20 local Colorado locations so you shouldn't have an issue finding a location to take advantage of this awesome all-you-can-eat deal before it goes away again. While we do love B-Dubs, these local wing shops below are pretty fantastic too!

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