Ask anyone in the state of Colorado who loves sandwiches about a stoner-themed sandwich shop, and they will instantly know what restaurant you are talking about.

Cheba Hut has been around for well over a decade and those that have been to one of the sandwich shops know just how good the sandwiches are. I am a huge fan of Cheba Hut and when I am in the mood for a good sandwich, this is always the place I will choose in Colorado to subdue my craving.


Many think that Cheba Hut is based out of Colorado, however, that is not true. Cheba Hut was founded in Arizona. The first location for Cheba Hut in Colorado was located in Denver at 1531 Champa Street and according to The Westword, is no longer operational.

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The Westword says that employees were called in for a voluntary meeting and only one-third of the thirty employees showed up for the meeting. At the meeting, a representative from Cheba Hut corporate offices "turned off the ovens".

As of May 15, the Cheba Hut sign on the building was removed and paper covered the windows of the once-operational sandwich shop. A sign on the door said that the lease expired as the reason for the closure of Colorado's first Cheba Hut location.

Dan Timmons, CEO and owner of Elevated, Inc., Cheba Hut's parent company confirmed this as the reason for the closure.

We had to close our doors because we've reached the end of our lease. It's been a great fifteen-year run in downtown. We have several other nearby locations to keep serving the Denver community.


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