As we get closer to the warmer summer weather in Colorado, our friends at 7-Eleven are helping us celebrate with all the sweet Slurpee deliciousness that we can handle, with the return of their famous "Bring Your Own Cup" event.

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Bring Your Own Cup To 7-Eleven

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Most, if not all people know about the world-famous 7-Eleven Slurpee. While ICEE might have debuted first and is the original sweet & fizzy frozen drink, Slurpee, which debuted 8 years later, has had a lock as the most widely known frozen drink of its kind since.

As a kid, I vividly remember my dad taking my brother and me to the closest 7-Eleven to grab a tasty Coke Slurpee. Sometimes that damn red light would be flashing and we'd have to get Blue, but Coke was the go-to.

I can't imagine how over-the-top excited my brother and I would have been if we could have paid $1.99 for an entire bucket full of our favorite Slurpee drinks. In 2024, that's a reality as Colorado 7-Eleven stores have announced the return of its popular "Bring Your Own Cup" event.

When Is 7-Eleven's Bring Your Own Cup Day?

7-Eleven lets your creativity run wild for one day each year as you have the power to fill any item of your choosing, full of your favorite Slurpee Flavor for only $1.99. This year you can bring your fishbowl, bike helmet, juice pitcher, milk jug, etc to participating 7-Eleven stores across Colorado on Saturday, April 13th.

They recommend you bring a clean cup that is watertight, leak-proof, and fits upright under the Slurpee machine. However we've seen much larger items than cups, so get creative, and have fun!

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