Nobody likes the idea of anyone getting scammed, but when it comes to senior citizens in Colorado getting conned, it makes us even angrier.

There's a new list out of scams that are geared to "roping in" older adults; knowing about these scams ahead of time, can help people from being ripped off.

The more that technology advances, it's tough for all Coloradans to know all that's available when it comes to getting our money. It can especially hard for senior citizens to know all the "ins and outs" that criminals are using these days.

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As I, myself, approach being an elderly Coloradan, these stories of "old people being scammed" scare me. How susceptible am I to getting conned? Luckily, I'm in radio, and don't have "gobs" of money crooks might be looking for.

I've started "getting used to" being a person who reads AARP information. Prior, I always shied away from it because, "it's for old people;" but it is very useful. A recent article on new scams going around can help Colorado seniors be alert.

Older adults, like myself, always seem to think that we've "seen it all," when it comes to how criminals go after people. "I'm not old, I'm experienced," we like to say. The thing is, criminals are working much harder on ways to con us, than we are trying to know about scams.

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With this list, you may want to just keep all seniors away from the telephone and the computer, but you know that's not going to happen. So, it's best to know about these scams and get your older loved ones informed.

5 Scams Targeting Colorado Seniors

Nobody likes the idea of anyone getting scammed, but when it comes to our senior citizens, it makes us even angrier.

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By knowing what "cons" are being used the most, we can help ourselves, and family members from bearing the weight of embarrassment and drained bank accounts.

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