One of the coolest joints, names, in America and across the world, now has one less location in one of America's coolest towns. It's a true "end of an era' with the news that Denver's Hard Rock Cafe will cease rocking.

Hard Rock Cafe's started out in 1971; it would be 27 years before Colorado would see one. Now, nearly 25 years after finally landing one, Denver's HRC is getting set to "load out." Who's in for one last (or a very first) visit to an American legend?

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You could call it just a "tourist spot" on the 16th Street Mall, but Denver having a Hard Rock Cafe seem to give the Mile High City some "street cred," as they say. When you take a look at their map of Cafe locations, when the Denver location closes, there's going to be a wide gap in the middle of America.


Denver's Hard Rock Cafe, had plenty of Rock 'N Roll souvenirs and memorabilia, they put on lots of shows, brought acts to town, and had a great "vibe" that fit right in with Denver. Speaking of "vibes," they way the company gave notice was full of "not great" vibes.

According to 9News, the Hard Rock Cafe International laid it out in harsh/simple terms:

The permanent closure of the entire facility will occur at the close of business on July 29, 2023, and you will be separated from employment on that date.

Ouch, Dude.

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9News reports that nearly 60 people will be let go.

It reminds me, to an extent, of when the cool ESPN Zone closed in 2009. Of course, ESPN Zone was only in Denver for about eight years, a much shorter timeframe than Hard Rock, but lots of people loved that place, too.

Did you ever visit Hard Rock Denver? Some people don't even know that we have one (for now;) we still have a little bit of time to get in and say "Rock 'N Roll never dies."

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