Volunteering is one of those things that benefits everyone involved. No matter what might be going on in your world, helping someone is a super mood-lifting rewarding experience. It's stepping outside of yourself, which, in my opinion, can be very healthy.

The United States government started the Peace Corps in 1961 to provide international volunteer assistance. There are service opportunities in 142 countries. The primary qualifications are being a U.S. citizen and being over 18.

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There are 87 Current Peace Corps volunteer openings, including positions like an English Teacher in Sri Lanka, Community Environmental Conservation Promoter in Panama, Business Development Agent in Senegal, and Agriculture Extension Volunteer in Guinea. Many of these volunteer opportunities welcome couples. A bonding experience, if you will, and a chance to travel.

Many college students make Peace Corps volunteering a part of their experience. It should come as no surprise that two of the biggest universities in Colorado made the "Peace Corps top 25 list for volunteer-producing colleges and universities over the last 20 years."

The Peace Corps ranking of the top 25 Peace Corps volunteer-producing colleges and universities between 2003 and 2023 placed the University of Colorado Boulder in 5th place with 2,589 volunteers and Colorado State University at 11th with 1,178 volunteers.

The top 25 list includes eight schools that have a Peace Corps Prep program to provide enrolled students the opportunity to build four key competencies: sector-specific skills, foreign language proficiency, intercultural competence, and professional leadership.

For more information about how to join the Peace Corps and serve boldly, visit www.peacecorps.gov/bold.

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