Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain State Park boasts 21 trails, totaling over 27 miles. Additionally, the beautiful park in Colorado Springs is home to hundreds of species of trees, plants, and wildlife, offering a scenic escape to anyone who visits.

Recently, Cheyenne Mountain State Park shared a few ways it will become even more accessible to its guests.

The park received two new “Terrain Hopper” electric vehicles designed to assist visitors with physical limitations in getting around on the trails. Specifically created for mobility-challenged people, these Terrain Hoppers carry riders at walking speed and can travel across various surfaces, from flat trails to dirt and gravel.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

These innovative machines can also traverse rocky inclines up to 35 degrees. Therefore, the four-wheeled vehicles allow for more clearance on the rocky trails at the park that some visitors may have previously been unable to access.

The Terrain Hoppers have traditional handlebars for steering and a joystick that controls acceleration and braking. The joystick can be controlled by the rider or by someone hiking alongside the hopper.

The EVs were purchased for the park by the Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park using grants from Hoppers for Heroes, Partners in the Outdoors, the Mesara Family Foundation, and a generous donation from the Kern family.

Visitors can reserve the Terrain Hoppers online beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

Another new amenity Cheyenne Mountain State Park is offering to its guests this summer is the free use of colorblindness-correcting Enchroma sunglasses. There are two basic types of colorblindness and the park will have adult and child sizes available to check out depending on an individual guest’s type of colorblindness.

The glasses will be available for checkout inside the park's Visitor Center.

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