When you see a spider in your home in Colorado, what is your first instinct? Some people leave it be, some trap spiders and take them outside, and some squish it, or ask somebody else to.

Thankfully I do not have a fear of spiders. However many people in Colorado do.

Throughout the years I have learned that arachnophobia, also known as the fear of spiders, is very real. Again, I do not have any fear of spiders, however, I do have a massive phobia of snakes.

My first instinct is to kill spiders that I see in my home. My partner, more sympathetic to spiders than I am, used to always trap them and release them, until recently.

Catching and Releasing Spiders


In my household, we have a vertical garden by the kitchen window. We have herbs such as cilantro, green onions, and cat nip growing. My girlfriend noticed a spider, picked it up, and put it in the vertical garden.

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Dumbfounded, I simply asked why she wouldn't just trap the spider and release it outside. She explained that releasing spiders outdoors can actually do more harm than good.

If you put a spider outside, you might as well kill it, according to experts.

Stay with me here.

Why You Should Not Release Spiders

Experts say that spiders should not be released outside in Colorado because it is not their natural environment in most cases.

These spiders are categorized as house spiders. They take care of other insects in your home and are not prepared for the outdoors.

Yeah, we are not really prepared for them indoors either.

This theory is the same theory of letting snakes roam in your yard due to their predatory instincts on other pests.

I will be honest, I will probably still kill spiders in my home. Or I will let the cat deal with it. If he can figure it out. He is most certainly an indoor cat.

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