Many people are gearing up to vacation this summer and Colorado is a popular destination. Over the next few months, Colorado will see thousands of people flocking to the state to witness our majestic mountains and stunning wildlife.

While many come for the great outdoors, some will come to venture into cities like Fort Collins and Denver. Craft beer is one of the big reasons many will head to these two cities for truly unique beers.

Sure, Colorado has a lot of great things to offer when it comes to tourism, but one city in the Centennial State ranks well below the rest. Forbes recently released a list of the worst cities to travel to this summer; one Colorado city is on that list.

Colorado Springs is One of the Worst Places for Summer Travel

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Colorado Springs ranked as the second worst city to visit this summer. Why? According to Forbes, Colorado Springs took second place due to a plethora of reasons.

  • City experience
  • Air travel experience
  • Driving experience
  • Cost

Forbes says that the Colorado Springs Aiport is ranked as the airport with the highest percentage of delayed, canceled, and diverted flights. While that may be the case, most people will fly into Colorado via Denver International Airport. Another ranking factor is the transit. Colorado Springs has the second-worst transit score on the entire list.

Colorado Springs is also costly for summer vacations with the third highest costs for tours and activities. Restaurant ratings are also another factor when it comes to Colorado Springs. The Southern Colorado city has the fifth-fewest restaurants with four or more stars on Tripadvisor.

Jacksonville, Florida was the worst city to visit this summer on Forbes' list.  As someone who lived in Jacksonville for a few years, I can attest to this solely because of how hot and humid it is during the summer months. See the list of the worst cities to travel to this summer at

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