We are incredibly excited to talk about two pets that have a unique bond for this week's Townsquare NOCO Humane Pet of the Week.

In my opinion, NOCO Humane is the best shelter in Colorado.

When I went to a shelter four years ago I was not expecting to adopt two cats. The cats (I refer to them as the twins) picked me and although it was not my plan to adopt two cats, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

There are a pair of sisters ready for adoption.

Meet Stormee and Rainee: Ready for Adoption in Colorado

Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Courtesy of NOCO Humane

Stormee and Rainee are two sisters in need of a loving home. Stormee is a domestic long-haired dilute calico who is incredibly sweet.

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Rainee is a domestic short-haired known for her playful and affectionate nature. Both are four years old and have been inseparable all their lives. It is a bond that is truly special.

Stormee and Rainee's Journey

Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Courtesy of NOCO Humane

These sisters have had a difficult journey.

It took a difficult turn when their family's home was tragically lost in a wildfire. In the aftermath, they moved from friends’ houses to hotels in an effort to stay together, but the constant moving became too challenging and costly.

Their owner decided to give Stormee and Rainne to NOCO Humane for a better life. This difficult choice was made in the hope that Stormee and Rainee could find a loving forever home together, where they could once again find stability and comfort.

NOCO Humane Went Above and Beyond

Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Courtesy of NOCO Humane

NOCO Humane has stepped in to ensure that Stormee and Rainee are cared for and loved while they wait for their new family.


The organization has provided them with a safe haven, medical care, and lots of affection, all in an effort to ease their transition and prepare them for adoption.

Learn more about Stormee and Rainee here.

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