I believe there are three major components to ensuring you have a good dining experience in Colorado.

  • The food tastes good.
  • The service goes smoothly.
  • The restaurant has a good vibe.

With the combination of those three, I am more than happy to return. I'm also not picky. If I have one of those three I will probably go back. What can I say, I am a creature of habit.

There are many gorgeous restaurants in Colorado. But did you know that one Colorado restaurant is among the most beautiful in the nation?

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At first sight, I thought the word beautiful was a little dramatic, but after more digging, this restaurant is, in fact, beautiful.

Telluride Restaurant Receives National Attention

People put together a list of the most beautiful restaurants in America and Allred's in Telluride made the list. Take a look at this place.

Incredible, right? Allred's is 10,551 feet above sea level and offers unbelievable views. I will have to add this to my Colorado bucket list for sure. Here is what People said.

Accessible via gondola, this rustic mountain top American restaurant reflects the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Here is another look at what your dining experience would be like at Allred's.

Wait... Accessible By Gondola?


Yes, you will need to ride a gondola to get to the restaurant. It provides a cool and unique experience.

Food Experience in Telluride

I noticed when I looked at their menu that they do not have their prices listed. If you go, expect the bill to be relatively expensive. I recommend booking in advance for a special occasion.

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Virtual Tour of Mountain Lodge Telluride

Here's a look at the authentic rustic luxury you'll find at Mountain Lodge Telluride, from the rooms to The View restaurant to the pool and so many other amenities.

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