Internet is essentially a utility in Colorado. It has been incredibly interesting growing up and watching the importance of having an internet connection evolve over my lifetime.

I was 13 when my family got an internet connection. It was a family computer that my brother Ryan and I would always fight over.

I purchased my first laptop when I was 18 and heading to college. Now my entire home (and life quite frankly) is interconnected with the internet.

Internet Costs in Colorado


I think we can all agree that paying for internet service can be expensive. Different rates depend on internet and download speed, data caps, and whether or not you sign a contract.

Internet costs are going to rise for many in Fort Collins soon. Here is why.

Affordability Plan to Expire in Fort Collins


According to a press release from the City of Fort Collins, the Affordable Connectivity Program will expire at the end of April. The program began in 2021 and offered many residents internet discounts.

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Low-income residents who opted in only paid $30 monthly for their internet.

If You Are Affected, There is a Solution in Fort Collins

Connexion has a Digital Inclusion program that you can look into. If you quality, you will only pay $20 a month for an internet connection.

Connexion says that residents who are below the federal poverty line are encouraged to apply for their Digital Inclusion program.

So whether your internet costs are going to go up because of the expiration of ACP, or you would like to pursue cheaper internet costs, we would recommend checking out Connexion's program here.

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