Hearing about crime in Fort Collins is not uncommon. Like other major cities in Colorado, crime is unfortunately an issue. As a Fort Collins resident, I hear about crime concerns often.

The overall narrative that I hear is crime is increasing in Choice City. Is it true? We have found data that compares Fort Collins to the rest of Colorado.

Fort Collins Crime Explained


New research by the Common Sense Institute shows crime rates in Colorado and Fort Collins. Here is what it found.

The average monthly crime rate in Fort Collins is slightly higher than in the rest of Colorado. In Fort Collins last year, there was an average crime rate of 439. In the rest of the state, there was an average rate of 418.

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This data is per 100,000 residents.

The highest rate of crime in Fort Collins was in 2021. There was a monthly crime rate of 586 per 100,000 residents.

Crime Is Going Down in Fort Collins


The Common Sense Institute found that crime rates have decreased since 2008. They state that the increase in budget and personnel for the Fort Collins Police Department is a big reason why there is less crime.

Generally, Fort Collins has similar crime rates to the rest of Colorado.

How Dangerous Fort Collins Is Compared to the Rest of Colorado

Fort Collins is the 39th most dangerous city in Colorado. The ranking was compiled by Road Snacks. They based their ranking on violent crimes per capita and property crimes per capita.

Take a look at the most dangerous cities in Colorado below.

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5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Collins

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