I am a big Facebook Marketplace fan. Facebook Marketplace in Northern Colorado is a great place to find even better deals.

I have been on a mission to find coffee shop tables and I was thrilled to find a listing that was perfect for my home.

My partner coordinated with the seller and we pulled up to Mason Street in Fort Collins. We thought it was strange, but we met the seller in front of Everyday Joe's Coffee House.

Everyday Joe's Coffee Shop Is Nearly Moved Out

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

I was surprised to see that the historic coffee shop, a staple in Fort Collins for over 20 years, was nearly empty. All that was left was the coffee bar, some dishes for sale, and the two tables I was going to purchase.

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The seller informed me that they were shutting their doors for good due to high rental cost. They made the official announcement back in August and their last day of business was September 1. Here is what Everyday Joe's said on social media.

We are so grateful for the twenty years of time spent together. Over the years, we have utilized our special space to serve hundreds of thousands of coffees (darn fine coffees, we must say), host concerts, art shows, private events, weddings, church services, and so much more.

Everyday Joe's opened their doors in 2003 and we are sad to see them officially leave Mason Street.

I hate to admit that I was not aware of the closure that occurred back in August. Everyday Joe's is officially moving out at the end of April and the space will be open for a new business to call 144 S Mason St home.

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