Taylor Swift's fame is at an all-time high. I am not a Taylor Swift fan myself, but it is impossible to not credit her success. Taylor Swift is by far one of the most beloved artists in Colorado. Her performance at Mile High last summer was truly a spectacle.

She is one of the biggest artists of the generation and colleges across the nation are breaking down what makes her so successful by developing courses about the pop star.

Colorado State University is the latest college to add a curriculum about Taylor Swift. They are not the first college to do it. There have been courses educating students about her business strategies, her songwriting, and the economics that an artist like Taylor Swift can bring.

Colorado State University in Fort Collins will have a different type of class that has not been done before. However, we are anticipating that other universities will create similar classes.

What Colorado State Students Will Learn


The course that begins in June is a Spanish course. Students will take a unique approach to learning the language. They will learn Spanish by translating Taylor Swift's lyrics.

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This is an incredibly smart way to learn another language. I bet the majority of college students already have Taylor Swift's lyrics memorized.

This would make the course more attainable, and quite frankly, more enjoyable.

Many Americans have learned the English language through entertainment. Iconic films, TV shows, and music have taught millions how to speak the language. So why would it not work the other way around?

We are excited to see if this course stays around and if it will be taught at universities outside of Colorado.

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