Colorado is home to a lot of great comfort food. We all have our go-to meals, whether a home-cooked recipe or our favorite restaurant.

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Is your favorite cake? Pie? Cookies? Well, none of those sweet treats are Colorado's favorite comfort food, but Colorado's favorite comfort food surprisingly has a lot of calories.

Answer Revealed: Colorado's Favorite Comfort Food


WalletHub announced every state's favorite comfort food in their Most Overweight and Obese States in America Ranking and chile verde was Colorado's top comfort food. This may not seem super surprising, but what did surprise me is how many calories there are in chili verde.

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According to WalletHub, there are 750 calories per serving. Here I was thinking that I was eating reasonably healthy. Comparing chili verde to the rest of America's favorite comfort food, chile verde was actually one of the most unhealthy options.

The only states with unhealthier comfort foods are Michigan with pasties, New Jersey's favorite bagel, Wisconsin's fried cheese curds, and Nevada's favorite hotel buffets.

Does anybody else find it hilarious that they don't have a favorite comfort food in Nevada? It is just the whole dang buffet.

Best Places in Colorado to Get Green Chile

Here are the best places to get green chile if you want to cook it at home. There are more options below as well.

  • Alberto's Express - 750 West 10th Street in Greeley
  • Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing in Old Town Fort Collins
  • Santiagos in Greeley, Loveland, and Johnstown

The 10 Best Restaurants to Order Green Chile in Northern Colorado

Green Chile is a way of life in Colorado. We use this spicy, roasted pepper on pretty much anything you can think of in the state of Colorado. The best way to use this chile pepper is in a sauce known as pork green chile. These are the best places to order pork green chile in Northern Colorado.

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