Summer and Spring in Colorado are amazing. There is so much to do, so much to see, and so much... wait did I just get a bug bite?

We all know that there are a lot of bugs in Colorado when the weather is nice. Bugs thrive during the Summer and Spring seasons. Having bugs in your home and yard can get out of control very quickly.

I will never forget about the mistake I made last year at my home in Fort Collins.

You Learn the Hard Way Once (Hopefully)


I let my grass grow too long. Life can get a little busy from time to time. I mowed my lawn and maintained it. The next thing I knew, I had a grasshopper army in my yard.

These annoying bugs were everywhere. They jumped all over me whenever I went outside. They were inside the house as well.

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I learned that my three cats are not hunters. My cats would play with the grasshoppers instead of hunting them and evicting them from our homes.

We don't want you to rely on your cat's poor hunting skills. We want you to have efficient and easy methods for keeping bugs out of your home this summer.

10 Hacks to Keep Colorado Bugs Out of Your House

Warm weather is here and bugs are popping up everywhere. Here is how you can get rid of some of them.

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Most Common Bugs in Colorado

Ants are by far the most common insect you will see in Colorado. Your home might already have a ton of ants in there. For ants specifically, I would recommend spraying peppermint oil. Mighty Mint is a brand that I carry in my home.

It is the most humane product while being the most effective.

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