Shocker (insert sarcasm here). Taylor Swift will not only be one of the most popular Halloween costumes in the country this season as a solo costume and as a couple's costume when Kansas City Chief's beau, Travis Kelce, but is already proving to be quite popular for decorating lawns this Halloween season. It's happening across the country where I've found three displays with life-size skeletons in Boston, Massachusetts, Madison, Wisconsin, and Phoenix, Arizona. I've added videos through-out and at the end of this article so you can have the full affect of this creativity.

According to WHDH Boston, a Swiftie in the Boston area has a super fun one that's attracting plenty of attention with homemade outfits for each skeleton. According to Francieli Fragoso’s TIkTok videos, the display features skeletons decked out in various outfits from Swift’s Eras Tour where Francieli even built a stage where the Taylor skeletons are performing.  Plus there's one Tay Tay skeleton sitting and playing a life-size piano.

Like I said it's by no means unique in the Halloween decorations and displays department as a whole with this next home in Wisconsin where, according to WKOW Madison, Katelyn McLaughlin who's theme last year was the Netflix series Stranger Things, went Swiftie fan this year with skeletons lined up in cages all dressed in different Eras Tour outfits.

WKOW Madison
WKOW Madison

Then, to Phoenix, Arizona we go where, according to 12 News Phoenix, Heather Corcoran's home has a reputation, pardon the pun, for having incredibly creative themes each Halloween season and this year Taylor Swift is the muse. The life-size decorations are all based on Taylor's outfits, lyrics, and music videos. The two quick videos below include the home in Madison and then Phoenix.

Speaking of the Eras Tour, check out Tay Tay hanging with Beyonce at the movie premiere here.

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