Nick Lowe has announced his first new album in over a decade, titled Indoor Safari. It will be released on Sept. 13.

The 12-track LP features a mixture of new originals, signature deep-cut covers and refitted versions of songs that were originally released as one-off singles. Los Straitjackets serve as Lowe's backing band, which consists of guitarists Eddie Angel and Greg Townson, bassist Pete Curry and drummer Chris Sprague.

"The Straitjackets like all kinds of music, and are very good, open-minded musicians, apart from being very agreeable people," Lowe said in a press release. "And they also have a sort of punk rock ethos, which, unfortunately, I do too. I've tried to shrug it off so many times, but I just can't get rid of it."

Ahead of the LP's release, Lowe has released its first single, a song that's been a live favorite but has never received an official release until now, "Went to a Party."

Nick Lowe's Touring Plans

Lowe is currently touring North American with Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith. At the end of this month, he'll appear at Wilco's Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Massachusetts.

"I've noticed far more younger people at the shows — a lot more women as well," Lowe said to Spin in 2023. "It used to be mainly bald old men stroking their chins to see how much rock and roll there is in it. [The young people] like the old stuff well enough, but they couldn’t care less, really, about [its release date]. They just take each song on face value. One of the songs that goes over great is 'Trombone,' and that's a new song. I have this kind of jokey thing that I say to the crowd 'We're going to do a new song, but don't worry, the new stuff sounds exactly like the old stuff.'"

Nick Lowe, 'Indoor Safari' Track Listing:
1. "Went to a Party"
2. "Love Starvation"
3. "Crying Inside"
4. "A Quiet Place"
5. "Blue on Blue"
6. "Jet Pac Boomerang"
7. "Tokyo Bay"
8. "Trombone"
9. "Different Kind of Blue"
10. "Raincoat in the River"
11. "Lay It on Me Baby"
12. "Don’t Be Nice to Me"

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