It takes a special kind of artist to make it to their 13th album. Most bands never make it that far - the Beatles didn't; some of the best didn't even hit double digits (see: Led Zeppelin and the Velvet Underground).

But those that reach this most lucky number have long proven their commitment to the long run (Eagles, by the way, still have six records to go before they make it to 13). By this place in their careers, most artists have settled into a relaxed stage of making albums that are neither taxing nor too challenging, for themselves or fans.

The below list of Rock's 20 Best 13th Albums - voted on by the UCR staff for the site's 13th anniversary in 2024 - includes artists who can be called legendary, influential and the best at what they do. Nobody here is less than A-list, and only one is not a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

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These aren't all classic albums; frankly, we'd argue only a handful qualify for that designation. With more than a dozen LPs in their catalogs, many of the artists were past their creative, if not commercial, peaks, though several released great albums even after this.

This all goes back to the earlier point: Not everyone gets to make their 13th album, but those who get to this milestone still find ways to surprise and excite - signs of timeless artists worth celebrating again and again.

Rock's 20 Best 13th Albums

It takes a little luck, and a whole lotta perseverance, to get to this many LPs in an artist's catalog.

Gallery Credit: Michael Gallucci

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