The Beatles have released a new video for their 1970 single "Let It Be." The four-minute clip features scenes from the restored version of the Let It Be movie originally released in 1970 but unseen for years.

The film - recently cleaned up by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings director behind the celebrated 2021 miniseries The Beatles: Get Back - is now streaming on Disney+.

Let It Be centers on the Beatles' often-fractious attempt to make a record with all four members in the studio at the same time. Their previous LP, 1968's The White Album, was made with each Beatle contributing solo compositions and performances with minimal help from the others.

The new music video collects scenes, along with some unseen outtakes from rushes, from the restored Let It Be of the Beatles performing the song. You can watch it below.

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"Let It Be" was originally released in March 1970 as the Beatles' penultimate single. It reached No. 1 in the U.S. and has been one of their most popular songs since its release. Writer Paul McCartney has consistently played the song during his live shows over the years.

What Is the New Beatles' 'Let It Be' Film on Disney+?

The restored version of Let It Be, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg from footage shot in the studio in 1969 as the band convened to make a new album, recently premiered on Disney+. Jackson restored the film following his work on Get Back, which also documented the making of the Let It Be album but softened some of the darker elements often associated with the era.

The 1970 movie includes scenes that were not in Jackson's miniseries.

The new video arrives in a flurry of recent Beatles projects, including a documentary on John Lennon's first solo show and the announcement of four upcoming biopics that will tell the Beatles' story through each of its members.

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