I know that Valentine’s Day is past us now but that’s no excuse to not have a few date ideas planned either weekly or monthly.  

Luckily, Utah has a plethora of options for dates, especially up north and they don’t all have to break the bank! The Instagram account Utah Fun Activities has provided 10 free/low-expense date ideas for you and your partner.  

#1 Lookout 

Take your significant other to a lookout point and either make a dinner that will travel well or grab takeout on the way. There is no excuse for this one because there is a lookout point pretty much anywhere you go, and food doesn’t need to be fancy. This is a super easy and fun idea that both parties can appreciate.  

#2 Moonlight Hike 

Grab your partner and find a moonlight hike in your area. Or just plan an easy hike that allows you to see the night sky. Utah Fun Activities suggests 5th Water Hot Springs for a romantic moonlight stroll.  

#3 Couples Class 

Maybe your partner has always wanted to try their hand at pottery or cooking. This is a perfect opportunity to bond a bit and learn a new skill. Maybe check if your local library or community center is offering anything! 

#4 Train Ride 

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to grab some views, why not consider going for a train ride? Utah Fun Activities suggests the FrontRunner train that shows off Utah Lake.  

#5 Frozen Lake 

Find a frozen lake in your area that has a nice view of the sunset or sunrise and bring along a hot drink to enjoy. This idea is super easy and even though it may be a bit cold, I have to imagine the sun glistening off a frozen lake is both serene and romantic.  

#6 A Planetarium  

Take your date to a planetarium for a fun learning experience. If you don’t have one of these near you, maybe a wildlife museum or equivalent could be fun. 

#7 Scenic Drive 

Utah is full of beautiful places you can drive through and one such place is Antelope Island. Grab some snacks and a good playlist and you’re all set for a romantic drive in Utah.  

#8 Ice Fishing 

Now, this idea may not be for everyone, but it does sound super cool. Plus, you may get fresh fish to cook up with your partner later. This could technically even be split into two dates that way! 

#9 Free Lift Ride 

This one is specifically for Park City folk or visitors, but you can get a free lift ride and go on a romantic “above-ground” journey. There are a few places in Park City to make this happen so check which ones meet your requirements for a fun and hopefully inexpensive date. 

#10 Little Sahara 

If you want to take your partner to a place that reminds them of a different country, the Little Sahara is the perfect place. With sand dunes that go on for miles reminding you of the Arabian Desert, this place is great. Pack a picnic and head out for a cozy trip.  

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