I’ve been a fan of Halloween since I was young. My parents used to dress up for Halloween, whether they were taking my sister and me trick-or-treating, or staying home to give out goodies. As an adult, I still dress up for Halloween. I’ve collected so many costumes through the years, that I could probably open a Halloween costume shop.

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If you haven’t decided on a costume for yourself, or your kiddos, here are some of the top trending costumes for this year.

Barbie and Ken

As one of the highest-grossing movies of 2023, the costumes of Barbie and Ken will surely be a big hit with kids and adults alike. If I were to choose a Barbie costume for myself, I’d probably opt for the Weird Barbie, who was played by Kate McKinnon in the movie. Which Barbie, or Ken, would you choose?

Taylor Swift

Forbes is predicting that the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie will become the top-grossing concert film thus far, and it’s not even out in theaters just yet. You also might see couples dressed as Taylor and Travis Kelce.


Though I wasn’t a fan of the movie, seems lots of folks were obsessed with it. Evidently, M3GAN stands for Model 3 Generative Android. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about an AI-powered life-like doll that was designed to be a child’s best friend. Creepy.

Wednesday Addams

We’ve not seen an episode of the show starring Jenna Ortega, but my girls have been enthralled since they heard about the character. Of course, I watched re-runs of the original Addams Family TV show when I was younger. I’d probably rather dress like Morticia. I think I even have a costume that’s similar.

The Little Mermaid

Spirit Halloween also says another top choice is inspired by the recent release of The Little Mermaid. Which will it be: Ariel or Ursula?

Some other top choices that are trending for this year are:

Maverick from Top Gun - make sure you have Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses for this look.

Rhianna from her halftime show at the Super Bowl. Of course, if you could fly around the neighborhood on a floating platform the costume would be even better.

Beyonce with the bee costume from her Renaissance Tour. This one resonated with me, just because it's a bee - though any of her costumes could be a good choice.

Super Mario Brothers – Mario, Luigi, Bowzer, and Princess Peach. You could also choose Toad, the small mushroom-headed character.

Grimace. He made a splashy comeback earlier in the year for his birthday. Perhaps a big purple taste bud is just what you wanted to be for Halloween this year.

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