If you use coupons, some people might think you are a penny-pincher. I used to think that way too but have come to realize that you can save a lot of money using coupons.

We have a digital app for our local grocery store. I use it every week to get savings on the stuff we buy already.

There are lots of ways to save money each month. Here are six ways that I’ve found most helpful.

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Use the coupons, either from the local newspaper or from a company’s digital app. Thirty cents off an item might not seem like much but if you get a lot of items, and save 30 cents on each, it can really add up.

Buy the store brands. Name brands are good, but we’ve found over the years that oftentimes the store brand/generic brand is just as good, and in some instances, even better. The name-brand green beans are good, but we like our local grocery brand even better.

I read once that if you save your 5-dollar bills, you’ll end up with quite a large amount of money after a while. Assuming that you use cash for purchases, think about it. You buy something for $13, pay with a $20 bill and end up with two ones and a five-dollar bill. Don’t spend the five, just save it. After a few months, you could feasibly end up with an extra hundred dollars or more. I’ve tried it, and it does work. This theory also works well with coins. Again, assuming you might use cash, if you get coins back as part of the change, saving those coins in a container can really add up to something.

Don’t impulse buy. You know those endcaps in stores are on the end for a reason. You see something that you think you must have, but really you don’t need it. Resist the urge to buy things on a whim. Ask yourself if you really need this item. If the answer is no, even if it’s listed with a huge discount, then don’t make the purchase. I had a friend who used to buy things on sale all the time. He didn’t even need what he purchased, but he couldn’t resist the fact that they were on sale for 90% off. Yes, that is a great deal, but he ended up spending more money, because of the discounts, on things he really didn’t need, or even want.

If you use a credit card, only charge as much as you can afford, and pay the entire bill each month. If you spend more than you can pay off each month, you end up paying a lot more with interest and late fees.

Don’t spend it. Plain and simple on this one. When my sister and I used to ask my dad if we could buy something on a shopping trip, he always said “Is your money burning a hole in your pocket? Just because you have the money to do it, doesn’t mean you have to spend it.”

I’ve come to realize my dad was right. I’ve even found myself using that exact phrase with my kids.

Six Ways You Can Save Money in Colorado

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