Thanksgiving is just a week away. Whether you opt for turkey or even a turducken, what do you serve with it?

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Growing up, our family Thanksgivings were rather large. Everyone brought a side dish to the meal. Some were good, and some were not. Along with the turkey, there were always plenty of options to add to our plates.

Some tried and true favorites:

Ham, though not really a side dish, was typically part of the meal. Green bean casserole, with crispy onions on top, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, creamed corn, and celery stuffed with cheese. Some of my favorites were homemade macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, homemade dinner rolls and chicken and dumplings. My mouth is watering already. We can’t, however, forget the one Auntie who always brought the lime Jello with cottage cheese salad. I loved her, but the salad, not so much.

Colorado's favorite Thanksgiving side dish:

The Takeout website has a map of the United States that shows the favorite Thanksgiving side by state. The map was provided by Zippia and used Google Trends to determine favorite sides based on search results. Nine states, including Colorado, had mashed potatoes as the favorite in the state. While I love mashed potatoes, it really wouldn’t be my personal top pick. Two states had a charcuterie tray as their top pick. We had relish trays at our Thanksgiving meals, which is sort of similar.

Not side dishes either, but we always had lots of pies. My favorite was coconut cream, though pecan pie was pretty tasty too. If you like pecan pie, I've got a good recipe for you: A Thanksgiving Recipe for Montrose

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side?

We posed the question on our Facebook page and got some great answers. In the gallery below, you can see what Thanksgiving sides our listeners like best.

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