Who doesn't love pets, right?

A furry friend can make up for the lack of a human one, with the added benefit of never needing to help it move a couch. You'll notice that I didn't say which option was better, but if you've ever had to help a friend move then you probably already know where you stand on that particular argument. Suffice to say, most of us would be picking up Benji before Ted Mosby.

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That's not to say that we'd all prefer our furry friends be of the canine variety, because that is most-certainly not the case. In fact, many Coloradans look at the concept of pet-ownership and think to themselves, "Exactly how weird can I be about this?" That's how you end up owning snakes.

This need to express one's own individuality through their pets can also lead you down the path to one of the cutest-looking rodents on the planet: the Chinchilla. These little rascals lay claim to the densest fur of all land-mammals, can primarily be found in the South American nation of Chile, and are about the most-adorable thing you can look at this side of Baby Yoda.

It's rare to see an owner of Chinchillas in Colorado, which begs the question: are they even legal to own in the Centennial State? Lucky for you, these little buggers are perfectly legal to keep as pets in Colorado, so long as you follow all other exotic pet guidelines, as outlined by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Do you want to know what other strange pets you're allowed to keep in Colorado? Check out the gallery below:

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