There are some experiences that everyone should have, at least once. Going to COSTCO, is one of those experiences. The problem for Wyomingites is, you'd have to drive hundreds of miles to get to one. In the 50 nifty United States, there are just two states remaining that don't have a COSTCO.

Here's a breakdown of COSTCO stores in states around Wyoming

  • Colorado has 16
  • Utah has 14
  • Idaho has 7
  • Montana has 5
  • Nebraska 3
  • North Dakota has 2
  • South Dakota has 1
  • Wyoming has 0

Wyoming does have two Sam's Club stores, one in Casper and one in Cheyenne, but is one of only two states that doesn't have a COSTCO. Comparing Sam's Club to COSTCO, is little like comparing apples to oranges. They're both good stores, they have what you need, and offer bulk buying.

Wild, right? Two stores that are nearly exactly the same, but people that have only ever shopped at a COSTCO, will swear up and down that COSTCO is better. Of course those that have only shopped at Sam's Club, will swear up and down that Sam's Club it better.

Both stores have their own "signature" brand, COSTCO's being Kirkland and Sam's Club is Member's Mark. Again, people that have only ever been to COSTCO will say Kirkland is better and those only ever been to Sam's Club will say Member's Mark is better.

If you haven't had the COSTCO experience, I'll tell ya, I used to think it wasn't that cool, until there wasn't one close enough for me to shop at.

Although, I will also say, I've been to Sam's Club and the experience is just about the same. Nearly the same items, a food court, bulk savings, electronics, home goods and neither offer bags to carry your stuff in the house.

Should it matter that Wyoming doesn't have a COSTCO? Not really, but for some people, it does. Will COSTCO ever make it's way to Wyoming? There are rumors floating around that, maybe someday, you'll be able to get the COSTCO experience in the Cowboy State.

Just in case you were wondering, the other state without a COSTCO is West Virginia. I know you were thinking Alaska or Vermont...NOPE.

Check out this video comparing COSTCO and Sam's may not be as impressed with the argument that one's better than the other.

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