If you have ever watched the Walking Dead or any zombie movie, the chances are you have thought about where you would retreat during a world-ending apocalypse. I know I certainly have.

What would be the ideal situation for survival? Where would the best place be to have a safe house? Should you be in one of the metro areas of Colorado or deep in the mountains? These are all questions I have asked myself when it comes to this silly scenario.

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When I happened upon this house scrolling through Realtor, I had to say that this would probably be the ideal zombie apocalypse home in Colorado. This home is in the mountains away from it all. It also has metal shutters that can be brought down at a moment's notice, saving you from impending zombie danger.

This home is located at 244 Old Sawmill Road in Bailey, Colorado. Listed on Realtor for $525k, the house has two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, over 1,400 square feet of living space, and more than four acres of land. Take a look inside at what could be Colorado's perfect zombie apocalypse house.

Is This the Perfect Zombie Apocalypse Home in Colorado?

One key feature of this house could make it the best home to be in during a zombie apocalypse in Colorado.

For more information on this Bailey, Colorado home listed for $525k, visit the listing on Realtor.

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