If you have been a little more on edge in recent weeks, it may be because of the cold weather and not the caffeine in your coffee that's to blame.

Of course, when it comes to weather we are never happy. It's either too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet. It seems as if we aren't happy - unless we are unhappy.

The Washington Post reports on a study that suggests people's happiness diminishes when the temperature gets above 70 degrees or below 50. In other words, unhappiness tends to increase in the middle of winter and the middle of summer when outdoor temperatures are at their extremes.

In comparing the happiness on a 72-degree day, compared to a 90 degree, the drop in happiness was similar to what people feel when going from Sunday to Monday.

A similar drop in happiness was indicated as temperatures got colder, but not as dramatically as when the temperature was on the rise. The author of the study suggests people are affected slightly more in hotter conditions because they can't take more clothes off to get comfortable, compared to their ability to put more clothes on in efforts to get warm during cold weather.

And so if your fuse seems a little shorter than normal you can blame it on the weather, and take solace in the fact that spring will be here soon!