Why is quality installation important? Quality installation makes a world of difference in the appearance of your flooring. An installation done right can make budget-friendly flooring look high-end, but conversely, a second-rate installation can leave even the best flooring with obvious seams, lumps, gapping and other issues. It’s important to remember that mistakes made during installation can comprise the appearance, functionality and lifespan of your flooring. Carpet One Floor & Home uses qualified professionals to ensure the best installation possible.

How do I find the right floor for my budget? Easily find the right flooring for your budget with our simple calculator tool. Enter the amount you intend to spend on flooring material along with the dimension of your room to get a suggested price per square foot. This will allow you to filter through our product catalog by price, narrowing your search to only those floors that are a good financial fit.

Where can I get the best prices on flooring? Take the time to review all your options to find the best price and the best value. Remember these tips when looking for the best flooring price:

1) Comparison-Price Shop

Flooring is a long-term investment. Therefore, taking the time to compare your flooring options can make a big difference in finding the best choice that fits your lifestyle. Use our Product Comparison Tool to get started.

2) Watch for Sales

Visit your local Carpet One Floor & Home store and keep an eye out for flooring sales to snag a good deal. You may also want to sign up for Carpet One Floor & Home emails to make sure you are notified when there is a sale.

3) Review All Costs

The price of the floor isn’t the only cost involved. Another major expense is installation and the materials associated with installation, such as the carpet cushion or underlayment for hard surfaces. Remember to read the fine print and make sure you understand the warranty and guarantees.

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