It’s time for Indiana Jones’ newest, most harrowing adventure: Indiana Jones and the Missed Release Date!

Shortly after reports that Indiana Jones 5 was getting a new screenwriter, Variety confirmed that news and added another whopper on top of it: Jonathan Kasdan rewriting the film’s script will cause the film to miss its intended release date of July 2020:

Filming was supposed to begin in April of 2019 in the United Kingdom, but sources close to the production say that shooting will no longer start next spring and will have to be pushed back by months, if not a year. Potential crew members have already been informed of the delay.

Variety stresses that the script is a primary reason for the delay, because “the key members of the creative team have yet to sign off on a finished script.” Now Kasdan will come onboard to rewrite the first draft by David Koepp, who co-wrote the last Indiana JonesKingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Harrison Ford was 65 when Crystal Skull opened in theaters in 2008. He turns 76 in about two weeks. He’d be 78 in 2020, and now Indiana Jones 5 might not come out until the following summer. A 79 year old action hero? That sounds ... slow. Not necessarily bad; just unlikely.

Obviously the film will not just be about Harrison Ford cracking his whip and running around. But I am starting to wonder if we will ever see this film, and if we do, if it will wind up being more of a reboot. Or if Ford will appear in it at all.

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