As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat - and there's more than one way to say "Colorado."

Some people are lucky to live in a state where there's only ONE way to say it like Maine, Vermont, Florida, Kansas. Others aren't so lucky like those who live in "Warshington,", or "Nevawda ", or "Colorawdo."

It doesn't matter if you have lived in Colorado for one year or 51 years, get 20 people in a room and ask them to say the word, and the chances are it's going to be an even split.

Let me go on record with the declaration that I say ColoRADo - not ColorAWDo. I don't truly know if it's right or wrong, all I know is that's the way I've said it all my life. Born and raised in Colorado, I've lived in this state for about 35 years. I would like to think that I would be part of a majority that says ColoRADo, but maybe I'm not.

Aside from these most popular ways to say, Colorado, some folks in my Facebook poll offered some rather fun and creative ways to say, Colorado.


As far as I'm concerned you can say it however you want, just don't say Colorada. It's definitely not that. If you are one of those were going to have to banish you to Miama, Florida, or Cincinnata, Ohio.

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