We have skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding, inner tubing, ice fishing, now we have yet another reason to love winter in Colorado - Ice Karting.

Aspen Ice Karting operates the only known ice kart rental track in the country, which happens to be on Kodiak Ski Lake near Aspen.

These karts aren't for sissies. Brigg and Stratton 12 HP engines get you up to speeds of 45-50 MPH hour as you circle the track, sliding around the icy curves.

As much as I dislike winter, I have to say, this looks like a super fun time. But, you are gonna pay for the fun. Rates are $40 for 10 minutes and $75 for 20 minutes if you want to channel your inner Jimmy Johnson. Helmet, gloves, and goggles are provided.

I thought I had retired from go-kart racing years ago, but ice karting might just get me back behind the wheel - and give me an entirely new appreciation for Colorado winter.

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