Mermaid 'Eden Sirene' has been told she can't swim in Fishhawk Ranch community pool because she violates the pool's "no-fins" policy.

Sirene, who's real name is Jenna Conti, gracefully swims in a custom-made silicon mermaid suit and claims the suit is not the hazard the community board says it is.

In spite of support from many in her community, the board is standing by their decision stating it can't make exceptions to the rules that ban fins and other artificial equipment. Seems odd a community named Fishhawk would ban fins.

The community board has agreed to allow her to set up events where she can exhibit her mermaid skills. Meantime, the mermaid is left high and dry.

Conti says her goal is to swim at the Florida Aquarium. Let's hope they don't have a no mermaids policy.

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