First off, get your mind our of the gutter. Second, watch in amazement as the magnificent Baba attracts cosmic energy, and the occasional weirdo, and unleashes the ultimate head massage.

He is Baba, the Cosmic Barber of Pushkar, India. He has become something of a YouTube sensation with his extraordinary cosmic skills, his mesmerizing facial expressions, and his remarkable inability to avoid looking directly in the camera. The curious, and the intermittent cow (keep watching the third video at 6:20) make their way to his salon to experience first hand his remarkable healing powers.

By now, you've no doubt noticed a rapidly evolving sense of fashion on behalf of Baba. He's becoming increasingly aware of his internet cult status.

Via his Facebook page, Baba shares his wisdom with these words (please take into account English is not his first language):

Remember always to breet [sic], relaxx [sic]and spread the world [sic]. There's a lot of people who need to relaxx [sic] and have a good sleep...We can save them from daily frenzy, hypertension and stress!!"

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