As we approach peak road trip season, a viral video has resurfaced showing a Colorado state trooper warning drivers and sharing tips on how to merge onto an interstate safely and properly.

In the video from November 2017, a state trooper named Lewis addresses one of the Highway Patrol's most frequently asked questions about "one of the most basic aspects of driving on the highway."

"We are talking about merging. Somehow this is still up for debate on what to do, so let's put this to rest," Lewis says.

"The merge lane, much like what I got behind me, in terms of getting on a highway, is designed for you to actually speed up get up to the proper speed in order to get on the highway," he continues.

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"However, keep in mind this merge lane goes onto the highway it goes into. So, while you are supposed to get up close to the speed, you are also responsible to get on the highway properly and safely," he warns, adding that it's "not the responsibility of people who are already on the highway to move over for you, to break suddenly, to cause the chain reaction."

"You are responsible when getting on the highway to do so safely to get up to speed safely," he concludes.

Watch the full video message below:

The state trooper's advice rings true even six years after the video was originally posted, and you might want to share this viral video with a few of your friends so we can all make the roads a safer place in 2023.

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