There's definitely more than one way to enjoy the snow in Colorado.

People come from all over the world to ski on Colorado's slopes to fund an important part of Colorado's economy - tourism. There is a misnomer among people outside of Colorado that everyone in this state is a skier. That couldn't be farther from the truty. Skiing is big business in Colorado, yet only about 10% of the state's population ever straps on a pair of skis.

I'm with the 90% that don't ski, but that doesn't mean I don't want to enjoy some good winter recreation. So, what is the solution? It's heading to the slopes and hopping on an inner tube.

Even though I had a bad experience as a teenager snow tubing when my head collided with a tree, I still think tubing is great fun.

Colorado is home to one of the best snow tubing parks in the country at Copper Mountain, with five lanes of tubing available. Whether you want to take it slow and easy, or zip down the slope as fast as Clark Griswald, they have you covered.

If you reserve your spot in advance the cost is $22.40 an hour and $28 an hour without a reservation. They have special rates for groups of 20 or more.

They provide the tubes so all you have to do is dress for the snow and head for the mountain and enjoy the Colorado snow. Why let skiers have all the fun?

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