If you want to surround yourself with money, set a course for this Fruita bar. Once there, look up. You'll find a small fortune lining the ceiling and several walls. Just how much money is up there?

Perhaps the first question should be, "How did it get up there?" Patrons at JD's Bar in Fruita have been sticking dollar bills on the walls and ceiling for years. Many have messages written on them.

Waylon Jordan

How much money is up there? Nobody knows. You can ask the bartenders if you like, but they are quick to admit they've never counted it all.

I paid a visit to JD's last week to hear 3 Peace Band. I hadn't been in the bar for a while (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it,) and had forgotten about all the dollar bills adorning the bar.

If you look directly behind the bar, you'll see $100 bills on the ceiling. I asked the bartender about this. Apparently, there is a customer who frequently kicks in a $100 bill and offers to buy the entire bar a round of drinks. If there's any money left over from the $100, that goes as a tip to the staff.

What if there are only three customers in the bar at that time? Well, in that case, the employees get a massive tip.

If you have a few hours on your hands, a case of OCD and really good eyesight, make your way to JD's Bar at 155 N. Mulberry Street in Fruita and count all the dollar bills.

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