What, you thought Netflix was going to be the one to drag Frank Underwood out of the White House? The House of Cards may fall some day, but the streaming giant has officially voted to reelect its Kevin Spacey political drama for a fourth run in 2016. Mind the subway platform.

Continuing its Thursday streak after reuniting Mr. Show and potentially building a Fuller House, the streaming giant handed out a Season 4 renewal for House of Cards, its Emmy-winning breakout original drama. Production will begin anew this summer, though it remains to be seen if the Season 3 production delay would push a Season 4 premiere date to later spring, breaking the usual February debut.

Spacey and Robin Wright will undoubtedly return, given the ending of Season 3, while 2015 additions Paul Sparks, Sons of Anarchy star Kim Dickens, Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen are all possibilities as well. Worth noting is that while House of Cards originally landed at Netflix with a two-season commitment, the second of which ended on an ambiguous-enough not to cast doubt on a third season, the current year certainly ended with unfinished business.

We’re more than on board for a fourth round of House of Cards, but what can we expect when Frank Underwood hits the campaign trail again in 2016?

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