When last we checked in on Frank and Claire Underwood, the dynamic House of Cards Season 3 duo seemed not to show their faces after a recent leak. Now that only days remain until Netflix premieres all 13 episodes of the new season however, both Underwoods are hitting the spotlight in a new trailer, even getting ready for brand-new campaign.

Focusing heavily on Claire, the latest House of Cards season 3 spot sees the First Lady apparently leading the Underwood charge in 2016, ostensibly for her husband’s official election, but likely setting the stage for her own political future as well. Frank certainly keeps busy in the new footage as well, campaigning in Iowa to thunderous applause, even donning military gear to visit an active warzone, and bullying his way through power. “What are you looking at,” the President even snarls at the audience in the final moments.

Here’s how Netflix previews the third term of its Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated drama:

Created by Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated showrunner Beau Willimon, the critically acclaimed drama starring Golden Globe® winners Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, returns to Washington with the stakes now higher than ever. President Underwood fights to secure his legacy. Claire wants more than being First Lady. The biggest threat they face is contending with each other.

Streaming in 4K, House of Cards’ third term in office will see Sons of Anarchy star Kim Dickens appearing among the cast in an unspecified role, along with Law & Order: SVU player Jenna Sterns as a United Nations ambassador, Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen as Russian President Petrov and Dexter star Christian Camargo in a mysterious role. Russian band Pussy Riot has been said to make an appearance in the new season, while Tony Gilroy has joined on the creative side, and actress Elizabeth Norment (Frank’s secretary Nancy) tragically succumbed to cancer during production.

President and First Lady Underwood will hit the campaign trail on February 27, while the latest House of Cards season 3 trailers have been laid out below. Could the First Couple be headed for some rocky political opposition?

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