Another local family-owned Colorado business is shutting its doors for good, and joining the long list of 2023 goodbyes, after nearly 100 years in business. We're sad to see it go.

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Iconic Colorado Store Closing Down For Good After Nearly A Century

It's a list that continues to grow and grow in 2023, and we're losing some amazing local and national big box stores in the process. I remember back in January telling you about some longstanding and historic Colorado shops and restaurants that were closing down, and hoping that it wasn't going to be a trend as we continued through 2023, but alas, it has, and we can add more local family-owned business to the list.

Kolacny Music Store in Colorado Closing In September 2023

After being in business since 1930, Kolacny Music has announced that after 93 years, they are selling their building and closing down permanently. On their Instagram page, they said:

After 93 years in business, Kolacny Music is closing. Our buildings are being sold and we will be shutting our doors permanently on an estimated date of September 30th. We have loved being a Denver staple in the music business since 1930 and a part of so many of your lives.

You can read the entire post below...

Having kids in music, and having played the cello as a kid, I know how important these types of stores are, and how few and far between they're now becoming these days. Everything is moving in the online shopping direction, but to me, buying an instrument must be done in person. It really loses that magical touch without that in-person experience. I guess that could be said for a lot of things these days I suppose. Thank you to the Kolacny family for helping so many local musicians, young and old, around Colorado for almost a century. You will be missed.

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