The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has taken on the broom challenge and they've done it in a hilarious way. Here's what they have to say about the broom challenge.

The broom challenge started after a Twitter user claimed that NASA said February 10 was the only day a broom could stand up on its own because of the gravitational pull. Well turns out that February 10 isn't the only day brooms can stand on their own.

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You can actually make a broom stand on its own every day because of physics. By standing a broom up you use the bristles of the broom to create a stable platform and then like magic, it stands on its own.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office did their own version of the broom challenge in a hilarious way. They shared a picture of a broom standing on its own in front of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and used the post as a teaching moment.

Along with the picture of the broom, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office added this as their caption:

If you think is is locking your car! Did you know that you can prevent people from stealing stuff from you car 99.99999999% of the time by simply...wait for it...LOCKING your car?!?! Now that's amazing! #lockitorloseit #broomstickchallenge

We like how the Mesa County Sheriff's Office took this challenge and made it their own. Apparently locking your car is just as cool and simple as the broomstick challenge and can prevent someone from making your stuff their stuff.

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